Hayes Energy helps hospitals save money on their bills with ZERO capital investment. We don’t get paid unless we produce cost savings, and there is a simple startup process, with no long term commitment necessary.

Here's our process...

Establish Facility Baseline

One can't accurately identify a hospital's energy savings simply by comparing last year's energy usage to this year's. Factors such as weather may have had a more dramatic impact one year when being compared to the next. For example, 2008 may have had a hotter summer than 2009. A hotter summer would translate into higher air conditioning loads, which typically results in higher utility bills.

Therefore, we collect 12 months of daily gas and electric consumption for a given hospital and match that utility consumption data with the average daily temperature for each day in the model period. By matching historical consumption to average daily temperature we can accurately predict energy consumption required for all actual weather conditions for the local weather station.

So, instead of comparing last year's usage to the year's usage, our software factors in the weather data so that we can compare how much energy a hospital used last year to actual energy consumption for the current year.

Energy Conservation Analysis

Once the baseline is established, our regional field engineer will survey a hospital's central plant in order to make energy conservation recommendations that help reduce overall consumption without affecting patient comfort of humidity control.

These recommendations vary based on the HVAC make up of each facility. Sample recommendations include adjustments to discharge temperatures, on air handler systems, hot and chilled water temperatures on air conditioning units, identifying bad steam traps, and enhancing boiler efficiency.

Daily Meter Readings

As opposed to waiting for a monthly utility bill in order to assess a hospital's energy consumption, we provide daily feedback and daily energy reports tha are weather corrected illustrate the bottom-line impact of our energy conservations recommendations.

Once we receive a daily gas and electric consumption data from a website or from hospital staff, we provide trend analysis reports, which depict the amount of energy savings generated from our energy conservation recommendations.

How can you start saving money?

  1. Give us a copy of recent gas and electric bills.
  2. Schedule a central plant survey with one of our field engineers. No charge
  3. We will report back to you the savings opportunity you can expect, 10% is a reasonable first year target.

Advantage of working with Hayes Energy

  • You only pay if you save.
  • No capital investment required.
  • Clients average 5 to 1 return or greater.
  • No long term commitment necessary.
  • Very little added to your "To Do" list.

Give us a call to find out how we might be able to help you cut your energy costs and save you money.

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